Foster The People reworks Mobley single “Nobody’s Favourite”

Foster The People reworks Mobley single “Nobody’s Favourite”

Austin musician/multimedia artist Mobley is excited to share Foster the People’s rework of “Nobody’s Favourite,” the first single off Mobley’s forthcoming EP.  His friends in the LA-based band were more than happy to offer their interpretation of a song described by Mobley as “the internal monologue of a powerful scumbag.” Premiering at Flood, who said “Foster the People have endowed him with a pumped-up reworking of the single, veering a bit further from the underlying rock influence of the original.”

Save / stream the rework here.

Isom Innis of Foster The People described the genesis of the new version: “I’ve been really inspired by Larry Levan at the moment. With Mobley’s track I was chasing a more archaic sequence based approach using the Arp 2600, Roland 707 drums and trying to make the baseline something that could have bumped at the Paradise Garage.” Mobley was delighted with the result. “I’ve been a fan of Foster since the first time I heard them and have always looked forward to their new releases. When I found out they were interested in reworking ‘Nobody’s Favourite’ I was thrilled, to say the least. I originally conceived of the song as kind of a dancepunk number. They really leaned into the dance aspect and got intricate with the rhythmic interplay.  I love it and I can’t wait for people to hear it.”

“Nobody’s Favourite” is featured on Mobley’s new EP, Young & Dying in the Occident Supreme. The film major-turned-multi-instrumentalist also flexed his directorial skills on the original music video, part one of a larger film that will be released alongside the EP. The new Foster the People rework comes on the heels of last Friday’s debut of A Home Unfamiliar, a multimedia collaboration, helmed by Mobley, which brought together 30 artists to produce a visual album in 30 days. Created in social isolation with no direct coordination between the artists, the experimental visual album is available now at Alamo on Demand, with all proceeds benefiting COVID-19 relief. 

While the pandemic has temporarily grounded the charismatic live performer, you can catch Mobley on the Bandsintown livestream today at 4:00p EST.