Low Hum shares new single & video

Low Hum shares new single & video

Ahead of releasing his new album Terra Incognita on May 24th, Low Hum has shared his new single “Only If You Say So.” The track begins with a dark and understated tone, creating an atmosphere of mystical intrigue. As it progresses, "Only If You Say So" builds with intense percussion and frenzied guitars, reflecting Desha's mounting emotional turmoil and he wrestles with a longing to return home.

Desha shares about the track:

"A love letter to my home. This song personifies Hawaii.  I'm always thinking about going back to Hawaii someday but I continue to feel like it will only be if she says so and gives me a sign. So much of how I approach life comes from my connection to Hawaiian culture and there’s just nothing quite like being there, experiencing the energy of the land and ocean."

The release comes with a music video that was filmed on Oahu and the Big Island. Directed by James Kid (HEALTH, James Supercave), the video represents Low Hum's fever dream of home and Hawaii. Director James Kid says this of the inspiration behind the video:

"'Only If You Say So' is a love song to Hawaii, both musically and visually. The music video dives into the mind of Collin Desha (Low Hum) as he's in the midst of a lucid dream of Hawaii, a place he once called home. Similar to love, Hawaii is as beautiful as it is chaotic—a complicated but fulfilling beast that can clasp itself tightly around your psyche. Collin experiences this through a battle with his own subconscious, which tries to repel him from his dream, warning him not to stay too long. He refuses. This video reflects the emotional state of longing for something, even though you know deep down you must move on."

Low Hum, a 13th generation Hawaiian now residing in Los Angeles, brings together a fusion of ambient, rock, and grunge elements in his music. Reflecting on his roots and Hawaii came about after Desha and his band were robbed early on their Fall 2022 headline tour, leading to the rest of the dates being cancelled. The experience, including the total loss of music in progress for his next record, forced Desha to start over. When it came to thinking about beginning again, for Desha all things led back to Hawaii, and his craving for a sign especially apparent in the lyrics, “I always knew it came to you / who knew it all came to you / but you know I’m gonna stay / only if you say so.”

Stay tuned for more.