Mondo Cozmo wants you to to “Feel Good” with euphoric new single

Mondo Cozmo wants you to to “Feel Good” with euphoric new single

e songsmith Mondo Cozmo (aka Josh Ostrander) releases the jubilant new single, “Feel Good.”  “Feel Good” is the first single from Mondo Cozmo’s forthcoming album and was co-written and produced by Ostrander. “Feel Good,” features a lush, funk-driven beat, while the track’s chorus is embraced by horns, asking the rhetorical “Don’t it make you feel good?”

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About “Feel Good,” Ostrander says, “Upon returning home to Los Angeles from our cancelled tour in March of 2020, I went to a grocery store and the line was around the block. I immediately went home and packed up everything and moved to the mountains. I found a cabin in a town called Twin Peaks, California. This would become my home for the next 18 months and the space where I would record the follow up to my sophomore album ‘New Medicine.’ The first song I wrote and recorded was ‘Feel Good’ because I was sure when the goddamn pandemic was over no one was going to want to hear a sad song about the pandemic. It was just a song that made me happy when I needed it the most.”  He adds, “My goal is to hear it played in a grocery store.”

“Feel Good” can be heard in the national television ad for Panera Bread, running through fall of 2022. 

The video for “Feel Good” was adapted from the early 2010s popular YouTube video Phil Dancing In The Grocery Store.  It features the main character Phil dancing around a grocery store to the Mondo Cozmo tune, surprising customers. The whole video has a feel-good vibe and fits perfectly with the track.