Mondo Cozmo shares New Medicine

Mondo Cozmo shares New Medicine


Mondo Cozmo – the chart-topping brainchild of alternative singer-songwriter Josh Ostrander – shares his upcoming album, NEW MEDICINE, today via Last Gang Records. NEW MEDICINE features album highlights  “Come On,” “Black Cadillac,” “Generator,” which was recently featured on ABC’s hit drama, The Good Doctor and his latest single “Upside Down,” which is on current rotation on SiriusXM’s Alt Nation. Each video is  joined by cinematic companion videos streaming now via his official YouTube channel HERE. Along with the album release, a live performance of “Upside Down” has been shared by the band, watch HERE.

“When ‘Shine’ took off at radio, the next year was spent on the road,” Ostrander says. “Playing every show, doing every meet-n-greet, every morning radio show, every podcast, interview, and after party. And why not? It was the first time anyone wanted to talk to me about music. I loved it, but by the end of the year I was pretty beat down and tired. It came to head during a video shoot in which I just completely lost it. I found myself in a situation where I lost control, and in front of the band, label, management I punched a glass door and destroyed my hand. I would spend the night in the emergency room watching them put my hand back together.”

“But I began writing,” he continues. “The tunes just poured out. I was put on medication after the hand debacle. I assumed that’s where the songs were coming from. That’s where the NEW MEDICINE title came from. But I couldn’t play guitar, enter Peter Hayes from Black Rebel Motorcycle Club. He guided me. He pushed me to get the record done. As did Butch Vig, who would help me make sense of the demos I was sending to him on the daily.”

“This album sums up a lot for me. Coming to terms with the weird guilt of success, navigating a new American experience. With a numb hand.

Mondo Cozmo plans to celebrate NEW MEDICINE with a wide-ranging headline tour in 2021. In the meantime, Ostrander has just begun a series of home studio performances, dubbed the “Live In Exile Sessions.” The first installment – which sees him and members of his touring band linking together for a stirring rendition of the PLASTIC SOUL fan favorite, “Chemical Dream” – is streaming now via YouTube HERE.