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Year Of The Carnivore

Year of the Carnivore is a 2009 Canadian romantic comedy film about a grocery store detective with a crush on a man who rejects her because she has too little sexual experience. Sook-Yin Lee's feature directorial debut.

Released: June 15, 2010

All songs by Adam Litovitz, Buck 65, and Sook-Yin Lee.

1. Wake Up Quack
2. The Expert
3. Into The Woods
4. Exciting Pleasurable Different
5. Market Man
6. What's Wrong with That?
7. Miss Nakamura
8. Suck it Up Girlie
9. Vasding Grob
10. Heather Nights
11. Jooj Got Da Blooj
12. Girls With Boyfriends
13. Big Apple "Food" Town
14. What Did I Come For?
15. Sleepwalker
16. Erotic Fantasies
17. Multikulturi
18. Experts
19. Ending Fireworks

Year Of The Carnivore

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