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Daydream Nation

Released: May 24, 2011 on Last Gang Records. OST for Canadian indie film "Daydream Nation" featuring: Emily Haines of Metric, Constantines, and Stars.

1. 'Caroline's Theme' by Ohad Benchetrit
2. 'Your Ex-Lover Is Dead' by Stars
3. 'Korean Dogwood' by Devendra Banhart
4. 'Rowboats' by Emily Haines
5. 'Town Waltz' by Ohad Benchetrit
6. 'Wildfires' by Ohbijou
7. 'Telethon' by Emily Haines
8. 'Last Year's Disco Guitars' by Bishop Morocco
9. 'Carmensita' by Devendra Banhart
10. 'Pink Flag' by Ohad Benchetrit
11. 'Caught In Your Glow' by Silver Starling
12. 'Lady Day' by Lou Reed
13. 'Just Gimme Indie Rock' by Sebedoh
14. 'Shine A Light' by Constantines
15. 'Daydream Anthem' by Ohad Benchetrit
16. 'Expecting To Fly' by Emily Haines

Daydream Nation

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