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New Medicine

Mondo Cozmo’s music has all the makings of the soundtrack to the current era and beyond. 

He introduces New Medicine with the revved-up snarling rock of “Black Cadillac.” A slithering clean riff snakes around tambourine. On the bridge, everything subsides into a steeple-size chant upheld by handclaps before the affirmation, “I’m alright.” A rush of guitars builds towards the sweeping and soaring “Come On.” Elsewhere, “Generator” climaxes on a glorious chorus of “Come Release Me” bound to be a high point of any and all upcoming gigs. 

“Upside Down” tempers a tweaked-out sample and plain-spoken lyrical musings with “a social narrative about watching the news every night” on the edge of an off-kilter guitar solo.

New Medicine is Mondo Cozmo’s second full-length and first release for Last Gang Records.

Digital release date: June 12, 2020

Vinyl: 180 gram on black 

  1. Black Cadillac
  2. Upside Down (Album Mix)
  3. Like a Bird
  4. Come On
  5. Drown in Love
  6. Generator
  7. Kicks (Positively Montauk)
  8. Mercy
  9. It Fills The Room
  10. Cigarette (Age of Innocence)

New Medicine

Album by Mondo Cozmo

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