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If I Am Only My Thoughts

Loving has announced their first full-length album, 'If I Am Only My Thoughts', out January 31, 2020 via Last Gang Records. 

Loving's intimate, lo-fi psychedelic folk songs inspire a sense of ease while being deceptively intricate. The songs offer a space to ruminate on life's uncertainties and acknowledge the often strange journey of being alive.

With lyrics written by both Jesse and Lucas, the lush, homespun collection of songs were recorded to tape, mixed, and mastered by David in his self-described “cold, dismal” basement studio in Victoria. In contrast, these songs are balmy and inviting, a series of open-ended questions that circle the uncertainties of existence.

“There isn't a single narrative driving this album, but we do linger on some basic human problems: confusion in the face of a desire for self-knowledge and belonging, a struggle for meaning that is circular and sometimes seemingly endless," Jesse says. On If I Am Only My Thoughts, those looming questions go largely unanswered. They are fodder for further contemplation, delivered with a peaceful naturalism in the vein of contemporaries like Bedouine and Kevin Morby.

Digital release date: January 31, 2020

Vinyl: 180 gram on black

Only She Knows
If I Am Only My Thoughts
Lately In Another Time
A Mirror For Two Voices
Nihilist Kite Flyer
Simple Moon
Write A River
Growing Flowers By Candlelight
Stranger To Yourself

If I Am Only My Thoughts

Album by Loving

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