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Life Is Short The Answer's Long

Release date: April 27, 2018 on Last Gang Records.

Vinyl: Limited run -180g, white gradient. 

Long before they were a band, Montreal duo The Beat Escape took a small first step towards a longer journey at a university video class. “We made a short oddball work; a video piece that followed two characters through a psychedelic waking dream,” say Beat escapists Addy Weitzman and Patrick A Boivin of their founding collaboration. Many other projects and outside collaborations later, the duo have crafted a debut album their younger selves would be proud of: released on Last Gang in Canada, the sublimely immersive Life Is Short The Answer’s Long plays like a waking dream of near-psychedelic electronic pop, moving to its own beat in the push-pull of forward motion and submerged reflection.

1. Sign of Age
2. Moon in Aquarius
3. Limestone Alps
4. Where Water Ends
5. More Dreams
6. Then I Drift Away
7. Seeing is Forgetting
8. Thousand Pound Shoes
9. Nemo Propheta

Life Is Short The Answer's Long

Album by The Beat Escape

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