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Don't Get Heavy

Released: July 23, 2013 on Last Gang Records. Full-length album by Fur Trade, side-project of Hot Hot Heat's Steve Bays, and Parker Bossley of The Gay Nineties.

1. Don't Get Heavy
2. Kids These Days
3. Voyager
4. Same Temptation
5. Glory Daze
6. In Between Dreams
7. Praying To The Lottery Ticket God
8. Acid Summer
9. Burning The Locals
10. Our Life Stars Now
11. Can You Dig It? (Yes I Can)
12. Pleasure Bound

**First run, Limited edition numbered CDs. Deluxe packaging. North American/Last Gang exclusive.
***Limited Edition clear-PINK coloured Vinyl

Don't Get Heavy

Album by Fur Trade

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