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From The Abundance Of The Heart, The Mouth Speaks

Released: December 14, 2004 on Last Gang Records.

From Jesse F. Keeler:

"Al-p was in a band called the Spiral Hill with half the people in Sick Lipstick. I was in a band called Standing 8 and we had just broken up. Me and Robin Young(the keyboard player from Standing 8) stole the bass player and singer from Spiral Hill and became Black Cat No. 13. Al-p recorded the Black Cat No. 13 records. Black Cat was a frustrating band to be in so we started Femme Fatale while it was still happening. I met Seb when I was trying to find a drummer to play in Femme Fatale. That's how Death From Above got started. Al and I kept recording together and that's how MSTRKRFT got started."

1. At the Altar
2. Fat It Down
3. Party Tonight
4. Into Dust
5. I Talk With My Hands
6. The Umbrella Opens
7. Into Dust Reprise

From The Abundance Of The Heart, The Mouth Speaks

Album by Femme Fatale

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