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Crystal Castles

Released: March 18, 2008 on Last Gang Records. The debut album from Crystal Castles, recognized on NME's "Top 100 Greatest Albums of the Decade" list. Available on CD, Digital Download & Vinyl.

1. Untrust Us
2. Alice Practice
3. Crimewave (Crystal Castles VS. Health)
4. Magic Spells
6. Air War
7. Courtship Dating
8. Good Time
9. 1991
10. Vanished
11. Knights
12. Love and Caring
13. Through the Hosiery
14. Reckless
15. Black Panther
16. Tell Me What To Swallow
17. Trash Hologram (Digital Bonus Track)
18. Air War (David Wolf Remix) (Digital Bonus Track)

Crystal Castles

Album by Crystal Castles

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