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Checkpoint Titanium

Release date: September 9th, 2016. Checkpoint Titanium is the debut LP from Toronto's biggest up-and-coming producer, Harrison. Features guest spots from Young Guv, Ryan Hemsworth, a l l i e, Clairmont The Second, and Seamus Hamilton.

Features one copy of the Checkpoint Titanium LP, one vinyl copy of Harrison's EP Colors, a set of Harrison's limited edition pin set for "It's Okay, I Promise", plus a complimentary sticker pack.

Track Listing: 
1. Intro
2. Vertigo (feat. a l l i e)
3. It's Okay, I Promise (feat. Clairmont The Second)
4. Right Hook
5. So Far From Home (feat. Young Guv)
6. Lotus
7. Social Stimulus (feat. Seamus Hamilton)
8. You and I
9. Vanilla (feat. Ryan Hemsworth)
10. Checkpoint Titanium

Checkpoint Titanium

Album by Harrison

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