Anand Wilder - Cannibalizing The Conductor Soundtrack Cassette
Anand Wilder - Cannibalizing The Conductor Soundtrack Cassette

Anand Wilder - Cannibalizing The Conductor Soundtrack Cassette

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Anand Wilder - Cannibalizing The Conductor Soundtrack Cassette


01) Huddle Hum

02) Induction Drone

03) Paringsdans

04) Refractory Period

05) Callisto’s Rave

06) Whirling Juno

07) Ode To The Organs

08) Atomic Clock

09) Waiting Room

10) Launch Sequence

11) Heavy Metal Birds

12) Ganymede

13) Ascendance

Multi-instrumentalist, singer and songwriter Anand Wilder has released his soundtrack score created for the film Cannibalizing The Conductor. A founding member of the acclaimed group Yeasayer, Wilder returns to the rhythm-oriented electronic textures and beats which helped define the band’s breakthrough sound. The soundtrack follows his acclaimed 2022 debut solo album I Don’t Know My Words. Cannibalizing The Conductor is currently available across digital streaming platforms, and will also be released on limited edition cassette tapes.

Wilder remarks, "This was a really exciting project for me because it was the first long film score I have ever tackled, and the directive was to go in a heavily processed electronic direction, which was something I had steered clear of on my solo debut I Don't Know My Words.”

“I was reacquainted with my synthesizers and drum machines and arpeggiators, creating atmospheres by tapping on household objects and soaking them in reverb. I hope that the ambient, instrumental nature of the album will stand alone as something that can accompany walks around rainy urban landscapes or a dance party in a cave somewhere. I'm excited for listeners to experience this body of work and let their imaginations run wild.”

Cannibalizing the Conductor was directed by Derek Howard, Justin Kennedy and Emma Howes. Combining durational dance with narrative and documentary filmmaking techniques, the film transgresses the ethnographic gaze through deep observation for trance choreography and non linearity. The album artwork was created by Brooklyn-based artist George McRacken as part of their Lichen Islands series, which depicts “imagined lichen garden topologies” which disappeared from cities due to pollution during and after the industrial revolution.

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