Holy Fuck - Congrats
Holy Fuck - Congrats
Holy Fuck - Congrats
Holy Fuck - Congrats

Holy Fuck - Congrats

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Checking into a “proper” studio, rather than the barn in rural Ontario where most of Holy Fuck’s records were made, Congrats was recorded by the same lineup that recorded Latin: Borcherdt, Graham Walsh, Matt “Punchy” McQuaid, and Matt Schulz. As they worked, they discovered that Congrats was a process of refining things, Walsh says—both physically and philosophically. Their ad hoc arsenal of low-budget hi-tech toys has been streamlined down to what he calls the nervous system of the band: “What gets run through our system is the seed of the idea for our music, and the system is what we play. This record is almost a beginning — the first stage of a new way for us.”

Released: May 27th, 2016

Track Listing:1. Chimes Broken

2. Tom Tom
3. Shivering
4. Xed Eyes
5. Neon Dad
6. House Of Glass
7. Acidic
8. Subbatics
9. Shimmering
10. Caught Up