Vancouver’s Noble Oak today releases his highly anticipated new album When It Finds You. Written, recorded, produced, mixed, and creative directed by Patrick Fiore aka Noble Oak, When It Finds You, is available now on all music services via Last Gang / MNRK. To celebrate today’s release Fiore shares the video, directed by Brian Ceci, to the single “Eveningstar”. Catch Noble Oak live this Saturday July 8th at Kathsahlano Festival and in Montreal (July 14th), Toronto (July 15th) and Rifflandia Festival this September. Full tour details below.
““Eveningstar” is a song of gratitude and longing for precious moments in our memory,” explains Fiore, “centered on someone indelible and mercurial. We sometimes find ourselves clinging dearly to the connections we make and coaxing them to stay in our world. Naturally, the impermanence of all things will greet us there, too."

Fiore might not typically disclose his innermost thoughts in conversation, but he certainly weaves them throughout his music as Noble Oak. Under this nom de plume, he wraps up all of his deepest ponderances in shimmering keys, cinematic production, and organic instrumentation—as if leafing through a diary under the glow of incandescent soundscapes. Projected by a luminous timbre, his voice rings out loudly on tape, while he keeps to himself in everyday life. After reeling in millions of worldwide streams, and receiving acclaim from tripleJ, BBC Radio, HYPEBEAST, Stereogum, DIY, Clash, and more, he opens up like never before on When It Finds You. 

These are my thoughts, dreams, faults, failures, fears, hopes, and wishes,” he states. “The songs say everything I’m too scared to say out loud for fear of burdening others. There are confusing moments I’m trying to rationalize or explain. I don’t have the urge to get a camera in front of my face and go off ad nauseam on the internet. I generally don’t feel like I could pen a novel either. However, I can definitely write a song. I explain everything I have a hard time saying aloud.”

This approach has continued to engage an ever-growing fan base. The classically trained Vancouver native learned piano at a young age and devoted the better part of his formative years to solo piano and symphonic compositions. At its core, he burrowed into the concept of inspiration.

“I’ve been grappling with the nature of inspiration itself,” he admits. “Where does it live? Where does it come from? How can we keep it around longer than it wants to stay? A lot changed as I was working on the album. I’m definitely not the same person I was in 2019. Thankfully, the ethos remained resonant and true to me. As a whole, this record examines what inspiration is and the moments it finds you—or you find it.”


  1. takeoff
  2. Anywhere But Here 
  3. Tides Turn 
  4. River's Edge
  5. The Truth
  6. Let It Out
  7. one summer
  8. Broken Window
  9. Moment 91
  10. Different Type Of Rain
  11. Eveningstar
  12. Your Favourite Place
  13. landing


Upcoming Tour Dates:

July 08 – Vancouver, BC – Khatsahlano Festival
July 14 – Montreal, QC – L’Escogriffe*
July 15 – Toronto, ON – The Drake Underground*
Sept 09 – Victoria, BC – Rifflandia Festival 
* w/ Brothertiger