Noble Oak announces new album

Noble Oak announces new album

Vancouver’s Noble Oak today announces his new album When It Finds You and reveals the latest track “Your Favourite Place”. When It Finds You is set for release on July 8th via Last Gang / MNRK.

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Patrick Fiore might not typically disclose his innermost thoughts in conversation, but he certainly weaves them throughout his music as Noble Oak. On When It Finds You, under this nom de plume, he wraps up all of his deepest ponderances in shimmering keys, cinematic production, and organic instrumentation—as if leafing through a diary under the glow of incandescent soundscapes.  

Speaking on “Your Favourite Place”, Fiore explains, “It’s about the desire to return to a place of comfort. You’re trying to find optimism in places you might not usually find it. For a long time, I was very optimistic, and I still am. Part of me is somewhat unchanged. However, there’s a realistic aspect of myself that’s emerged. It’s a balance.”

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Classically trained, Fiore learned piano at a young age and devoted the better part of his formative years to solo piano and symphonic compositions. Integrating beat-craft and synthesizers, he formally introduced Noble Oak with his debut label backed album Horizon [2020], followed by his instrumental piano EP Stories (2021),  Reeling  in millions of worldwide streams, he has received acclaim from the likes of TripleJ, BBC Radio, HYPEBEAST, Stereogum, DIY, and Clash.

Written, recorded, produced, mixed, and creative directed by Fiore, When It Finds You, is set for release on July 8th via Last Gang / MNRK.